HillPark@Shah Alam North

Property Details

Tenure: Leasehold
Property type: Double Storey Link House, Double Storey Superlink, Double Storey Semi Detached, bungalow, Commercial, Serviced Apartments
Land Area: 550 acres
Built-up area:

Pines - Double-storey link house: From 1,484 sq. ft – 1,805 sq. ft
Cherry - Double-storey link house: From 1,647 sq. ft – 2,366 sq. ft
Olive – Double-storey link house: From 1,892 sq. ft – 2,152 sq. ft

No. of units: Approximately 3,600 units
Status: Pines - Sold out
Cherry – Limited units available
Olive – Open for sale
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HillPark @ Shah Alam North - Pines

HillPark @ Shah Alam North - Olive

HillPark @ Shah Alam North - Cherry

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